Friday, July 31, 2009

I Love My Early Readers

So grateful to have people read and enjoy my book. So much positive!
Now I just need to send it in already!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Filling in the Holes

I finished adding some pages to my outline for my second book. Filling in a subplot, that helps in understand my character. YEAH! I love it when I figure out a little more to make a story even more interesting. This second book is fun to write. I can't wait to get it finished, so I can reread it and revise it. I get closer every day, or at least everyday I have time to work on it. 37, 207 words now. I still have about 14 pages of outline, so we shall see how that translates into length for the book. I think it will do pretty well. The story will be left open for future books if I decide to continue the series, which is a good possibility. I'm having a fun time with these characters. They keep getting more complicated.
My first book is still out with another reader, and so far she really likes it. I think that just makes my day when someone enjoys it, and so far, everyone has seemed to. I love to see how their comments spark more interest from others to read it. I can certainly understand how word-of-mouth creates sales for your book. Now I just need to pitch it to an agent and hope it goes somewhere. I just can't seem to get brave enough to do it.
I read blogs frequently, taking in all the advice I can, so I understand how it works. At least what makes a good query letter/synopsis, the steps involved, and all the anxiety that writers experience about them all. At least I'm not alone.
I need to visit our local writers group, the Red River Romance Writers, and see if they have any advice to share. Some of them have been published, so it would be beneficial I am sure.
I guess I will end this for now, hope to write a little tonight!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just Writing

I have started writing again on my second book, and paused once again on my queries.
Over the past couple of days I have put in about 3000 words, and I found myself having to stop when the words became blurry on the screen.
The second book is much faster paced, and is sometimes tense. It is sometimes hard to put into words what the character is feeling, and I find that I sit and stare at the screen waiting for the words to come to me.
I do worry that this one may fall short of novel length, it is hovering now about 30,500 words. I still have many more pages of outline, but I worry that it won't be enough. I guess I should stop worrying and deal with that after my first draft is finished. (I can always add more scenes if I feel its appropriate.)
Anyways, I have enjoyed writing it so far and look forward to getting to the scenes that hold the big climaxes!! Can't wait to see if I can get it written the way I can see it.
Anyways, once I burn this desire to finish the second book, I will go back to trying to write the best query letter that possible?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Motivating Comments

I have serious self doubt, which I think every writer does.
It is nice to sometimes sit back and remember the comments you have received from the people that have already read your story in its early form.
Most of the comments I have received have been positive and about my characters. Everyone has seemed to really enjoy them. Which to me is fantastic. Characters drive a story.
I have only given my story to five people... ( From word of mouth from some of those people and their compliments I have several people wanting to read it as well. ** bonus**) Anyways, here are some of my favorite comments:
--I want more.
--I'm going to miss her. (my main character)
--It was so good! When are you going to be finished with the second one?
--I totally loved it.
--I've been dying to read it again and also the sequel.

Most comments were generally about enjoying the main characters. One reader, didn't normally read the genre I wrote, but he liked the main character and wanted to see what happened to her.
Just as important as the compliments are the dislikes. It forces you, as a writer, to look back at your story and seriously think about what they said. Then if necessary, you can make those needed corrections if you agree with what they said.
I have only had one dislike so far, and I have made adjustments that I hope made it better.

Overall, motivating comments help me move past my self doubt and move on to the next stage---the query letter and synopsis.
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Think I'm Finished

Okay, I think I finally finished editing my book for the ??? time. FINALLY. At this point, I feel worn out with it. I hope to have one of my early readers, read the final version and tell me if they still feel the same about the story. Did I lose anything when I took things out? Does the story flow better? Did I find all my errors?
I hope so. I think the story is great, but reading it over and over and over and over is agravating. I keep finding things that I think could be better. I'm afraid I will edit so much that I will ruin the story.
I have gone from 104,000 words to 93,000 words in several edits.
I look forward to going back and working on the my second book. It has been sitting at 27,000 words for a month now and I can't stop thinking about what is happening next in the story. I love this part of writing.
The editing...not so much!
**one step closer to sending it out to agents**