Tuesday, September 29, 2009

At Last!

I am beyond happy that I have finally completed the ms rough to my second novel. It came up shorter than the first, but just at 77,000 words. It will probably end up longer, after I go back and add the missing pieces.
A weight has been lifted, and I grateful it is done. I have enjoyed the story, but I needed to get what I had in my head on paper. It has been a relief, and now my mind can wonder free on the simpler things in life. YEAH!
Now I need to take a brief break, read a book (not my own!), and then proceed to rereading the first novel yet again. Make the necessary changes, and begin the query process!
I am so much closer to my goal!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

So Close to the Finish Line

I have to say I have finally crossed the 70,000 word mark. The end of this novel draft is near! I have at least two chapters left to write, and it should be finished! I am anxious to get it done, but terrified at what is next on my to do list.
I have one more edit of my previous novel, before I force myself to sit down and write that query. This part is hard for me, and it continues to be the most stressful. I stopped previous attempts, because my mind was more in the writing mode, than the business part of it. I can only hope I can focus, and not let my ideas for my next novel tear me away from the work that needs to be done.
I'm going to have to make myself do it. I need to start getting queries out there, so that I can start the revision/editing of number two. Perhaps I can get a bite on the first, so that this part of agent hunting can be history!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Playing with Covers

Oh, I think I have lost my mind. I have recently been playing with cover ideas for my book. Perhaps, just a moment of boredom, or the ultimate feeling that I may end up needing to self publish one for myself someday. Either way, it ended up being fun, and I got to play around with pictures that represent my book. I spent time, taking pictures, editing and trying to put them in a format that would look cool on a cover.
Then I got brave and ran them by my friends on facebook. Got a lot of responses and the majority favored one in particular that I have had for a while. Maybe I won't ever have to use them!
Anyways, my writing has been going well. I have now past the 60,000 word mark! YEAH! I try hard to go back and reread while writing the rough of my second book, but I have done it a little here and there. Lots of things need to be revised, and eventually I will get to that point.
I would love to have the draft finished by October. I think I can do it.
Now I have set another goal for myself...lets see if I can 'get er done'. lol