Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I've put my second novel out there to be read and critiqued. The one that is reading it, has read the first, and was eager and excited to read the second one. I can only hope she enjoys it as much as the first. I hope to get it through several readers and then edit and amend according to their feedback. This part is always nerve racking. I'm putting something I have worked so hard on out there to be adored or hated.
It does however, get easier with each book I put out there.
My first one is in the process of being re-read, by an initial reader to look for errors/improvements/issues before I go through the query process. I hope it flows better than the intial revision I finished months ago.
The hard part is waiting. Waiting to find out and see what they thought.

I should be working on queries right now, but somehow I've found myself writing again. I'm playing with three book ideas:

1. Paranormal--which would be the third in my series
2. Young Adult
3. Sci-Fi

I have so many ideas running around in my head. Plus, I have promised my three year old I would write a book about a character he made up.

I think I may write a chapter of each book idea and see which one tugs at my heart and go from there.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Made initial revisions on book two. Hurried through it, eager to get it out to my early readers. Hoping that I don't have any flow problems with this one.
I read through it, and I think I mended the holes that I found, but I am sure I missed something somewhere! Gotta love your early readers. They help you find the gaps, when you can't see them yourself. We get too close to our writing

Anyways final count:
Paranormal Mystery, Book One, 250 pages, 92,000 words.
Paranormal Suspense, Book Two, 208 pages, 77,000 words.

Now if I can keep the characters from my new ideas out of my head until I am done with query process, I will be alright.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Infinite Editing

I have reread my first novel again, and find myself editing to no end. I can see where my writing has improved, and part of me wants to take the whole thing and just rewrite it. I know that my early readers have enjoyed the book, but it is hard to settle and let it be, especially when you know it can be so much better.
I question when it will be ready to send in. I keep telling myself that I will do it after this edit, and I get one more good beta reading out of it. But I begin having my "What am I thinking?" moments. I guess every writer goes through some self doubt, but I really hate feeling that way.
I keep telling myself to write the queries, send them in, and see what happens.
What is the worst case scenario? I get rejected. After the palpitations stop, I will continue to live, and go on to write the next story.
But after it is all said and done, I've had a lot of fun writing. My imagination goes wild, and my twisted little mind comes up with all kinds of different scenarios. I just need to keep practicing, improve, and go from there.