Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Verdict

First and foremost I got good news back from my intial reader of book two. She loved it, and was asking to read the third book of the series. I laugh, then sighed...its only at 6600 words, no where near done. Just barely typing the begining chapters.

Anyways, I love hearing postive things, but she mostly encouraged me to start querying. If I can find one agent who loves my stories as much as she does, I will be in great shape.

I dug in, asking her questions, curious what she enjoyed, any parts she didn't, and so on. I could ask all my early readers a thousand questions before I felt satisfied with my story. I guess it's my intense desire to make sure they understood it all. Didn't miss things I threw in there.

Even though, I have to say that just the thrill of hearing that someone enjoyed something I wrote makes me want to dance. I love that they enjoy the story I told, and that they want more. It drives me to write. I want to entertain them, to bring them the next twisted story that sits in my mind. The little encouragement I need to keep going. I want to write, and I'm glad that others enjoy what I put on paper too.

Onward, forever onward.... ~smile~