Monday, March 22, 2010

Great Post

Came across a great post by Nathan Bransford which I found to be quite interesting.  I have to grin at it and think to myself, that perhaps, just maybe, I can actually write and just don't realize it.  Or maybe I just can't and I subconciously know it.  HA! 

May explain why my early readers are more confident in my writing abilities than I!! 

I do believe self doubt makes writers strive to make their work better anyways.  ; ) 

Do You Lack Confidence in Your Writing? It Might Not Be a Bad Thing!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How has writing changed you?

Here's a question that ran through my mind the other day.  I find that I'm curious to see how other writers feel their writing has changed them, or if it has in any way. 

For has changed the way I look at things, perceive things.  I find myself watching something and thinking of the best way to describe it.  I also tend to listen to things more carefully.  Words and actions have more meaning now.
It has also helped me release the pent up creative energy that used to overwhelm me.  I love putting the crazy ideas or stories I have buried in my mind down on paper and give them all a purpose. 

Sometimes it is the simple things that make us happy or give us the release we need.  All I know is that I've found something I enjoy and hope that it continues for years to come.

So, how has writing changed you?