Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Contest Entered

A brief scene I entered into Nathan Bransford's contest.

From Dark Roots, Book 3 of Series:

I must be cursed, that’s got to be it. Why else would everything I’ve tried so hard to prevent, seem to happen anyways?  My life couldn’t be easy. Instead it’s been filled with one catastrophe after another. Not your everyday catastrophe’s either, but things that would change the fabric of the world around me forever.

I yearned to escape from it all, to go someplace where I could find some sort of solace. But it seemed impossible now, now that the creature that hovered over me had decided I should live.

A sharp series of spastic pains coursed through my broken body as the numbness of death began to wear off. I lay on the hard chasm of rocks that I had fallen on moments before; my wrecked form blooded and gouged from the devastating fall. I forced in the air, bringing in the searing burn of my own blood. I gagged and coughed on the concoction, trying to think past the wails that now exploded out of my own mouth.

My eyes twitched and rolled before I could finally place my blurry focus on the dark eyes above me. They watched me, waiting for what would happen next. Part of me wanted to scream at Isaac, to tell him to go back to the rotten pits of hell he had come from, but I had loved him once. At least I would have, if what I had experienced had been real and not some horrifying premonition.

Somehow, through some strange flaw of my own creation, I had ended up exactly where I never wanted to be. Back into a life, that I shouldn’t be forced to live. But here I was, starting all over.

The cold wind blew over me, sending my body convulsing in shivers. I caught sight of the dark clouds above me, working their way across the tops of the large cedars. The darkness they left around me left me with an uneasy familiarity. A sickening sense of something else with us, that didn’t belong.

My body arched off the cold forest floor, and a heavy weight quickly forced me back to the ground. My weak heart galloped under my shattered ribs.

Past the excruciating pain of life, was the undeniable presence of Erland. A deep rooted loathing tore at my core. He was the reason for all my pain and suffering, the evil demon that had destroyed all things sacred.

My body froze as I watched his ominous shroud of darkness move next to me. His nauseating presence left me petrified, fearing what would come next. My utter lack of control left me reeling.

There was nothing I could do.

I let my peers decide which scene to enter.  Too hard for me to choose.  Lets see how their choice fairs.  :)