Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm not gone, just been really slow...

I've finally had a little more progress in my third story.  I failed to have this book finished by the end of summer, but I am so much closer to the end.  It is hanging at 85,000 words with two more climatic scenes to till the end.  It has been an interesting story to write, but I know being a rough draft, it still needs a lot of work.  But I will be excited just to get it all down on paper.

It has been amazing how much this story has evolved from the first book.  The series keeps getting better, and I hope that my characters find it to the end.  Part of me knows that this story could continue if I let it.  Perhaps someday I will go further with it, but for now I need to try and get them published.  Or at least try.  :)  Three books and no attempts at publishing = not so good.  I HAVE to focus on that if I ever want to get my story out there.

Now I'm just writing, and hoping all will go well!