Wednesday, March 30, 2011


You know, I sit and work on outlines for my books, but I find that most often my charcters decide to go elsewhere.  I don't usually mind this, but it makes me wonder how important outlining really is.  I go back and forth on it. 

I am sitting here, working on my outline for book 4.  I've worked my way up to chapter 7 and now I've hit a blank.  I find that it is really when I start writing the story that it slowly comes together.  I have to get in character and see where she takes me.  Sometimes I make a partial outline and not finish it until after I've written a big chunk of the story already.

I think I've decided that I outline so that the things I would like be in it are put out there.  When an idea first hits me a massive amount of ideas strike me and I have to get them down on paper, or I fear they will be lost.  Some my outlines are typically massive blocks of information.  Where the information ends up and how it gets there often changes.  AND THATS ALL RIGHT!  At least I hope

So what does everyone else do?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Cover Art

I enjoying creating things.  Here is something I am playing with for book 4, tentatively titled "From Darkness".

Copyright Protected Image

Monday, March 21, 2011

Needing Focus

Having finished my first round of revisions on my third novel, I found myself unable to refrain from beginning book 4!  My intentions were to finish the process of the "agent hunt", but instead I was once again overcome by my creative side.  After the kids were asleep, I began to write. 
I am not sure if I can refrain from continuing and wonder if I even should try to.  This is truly the fun part of writing for me.  But again, the desire to get this series published remains heavy on my heart.  The thought of trying continues to stress me out.  I have a query letter and the beginnings of a synopsis for book one.  I have only checked in on a few agents that have interested me, but I know I need far more than a few.  I need more time in my day to get everything together, and a little more time after that to do the fun part.  :)
Ugg, I need a happy balance.  If anyone's figured out how to find that, let me know.