Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How do you decide?

I've recently revised a chapter from my very first novel and found myself asking others to read and tell me which version they liked better.  Not sure that was such a great idea.  :(

I found that half prefered the original version and other half the revised version.  This leaves me a bit confused on how to proceed with this project.  Do I rework it again or leave it? 

I am not sure if either version is necessarily wrong, or if it is purely basic reader preferences.  Thus leaving me wondering, "What do I do?".

How can I know which version is better?  Which version would be good enough to publish?  Whose right?

All I know is that I've sat on this story for a while and haven't had the nerve to send it in yet.  I've even gone on to write and complete two others and working on my fourth.  Uggg.

Maybe it will all come together once I complete this current novel.  Then maybe I can focus all my energy on getting this first story, 'just right'.  Then, just maybe, I can be finished with it.