About Me

Stephanie D. Johnson

I am a writer, who just happens to want to get published and become an author someday.

My first book, Darkness Comes, a urban fantasy, is completed at 92,000 words. The first draft took me three months to write, but an eternity to edit. I had so much fun writing it, that it soon became the first of a series of books that revolve around the same characters. I know the possible repercussions of writing a series of books without first having the initial book published, but I just couldn't help but write them. Even so, I wrote each one in a way that would allow them to do well as standalone books.

As I continued my character’s story, my second book took shaped. The Familiar is at 77,000 words. This, so far, has been my favorite one to write. It took me longer to finish, because I had the daunting task of editing/revising book one as I was desperately trying to finish this story. I plugged away, late at night, trying to finish it. When I did, it was a release, but I soon found myself diving in to start the third book.

Dark Roots was soon started and finally finished in the Spring 2011.  This one took me the longest to write. Not only have I found myself editing the first book as I am writing, I am now attempting to assemble a query letter and synopsis for it as well. All of which make me want to pull my hair out!

From Darkness is my current work.  It is the fourth book in the Darkness Comes Series.  I am eager for this project and hoping that my writing is at a more mature level now that it was at book one.  :)  Hoping to have this one finished soon.

Dark End is possibly the final book in this series.  It is in outline form and waiting to be completed!

So, I am currently diving into the publishing world, hoping to find an agent that loves my work! I’ve had a tremendous amount of fun writing, and am always thrilled when my early readers come back with positive reviews and looking for more. I hope that once I do go on an agent hunt that I can maneuver through this publishing world and find my way through to the end.

I hope you enjoy my blog and make sure to check out my individual story tabs. Thanks for reading!